Folding Tables

The ultimate folding table bearing up to 907kgs of even weight.

DuraLite folding tables withstand the toughest demands of daily use. The unique honeycomb core, aluminum framework, superior materials and innovative design result in a lightweight table that is strong and durable, plus they are GreenGuard certified.


  • EASY - Easily carried by one person, DuraLite tables are perfect for any application that requires repeated set up and tear down (banquets, seminars, catered events and multi-use spaces).
  • SAFE - The lightweight design also diminishes the risk of back injuries from overexertion.
  • STRONG - DuraLite tables exceed stringent tests for leg strength, weight load, and vertical drops onto hard surfaces. Replaceable corner covers and greater weight-bearing strength result from exclusive design innovations.
  • PROTECT - Rubber bumpers protect tables when stacked and keep tables in place on dollies. High impact covers protect from damage upon impact.
  • DURABLE - Strong metal-to-metal attachments provide maximum holding power and ensure screw holes won't strip. Legs are easily replaceable.