Customised Furniture Design

We know that everyone is individual and so everyone needs personalised, custom created furniture.
We are proud to offer a complete custom furniture design and manufacture service.

If you can sit down with us to design your piece of furniture, we can build it to your exact specifications.

If furniture design isn't your specialty, you're in luck, because it's ours. We can create your new furniture piece from design onwards, with as little or as much input from you as you want.

Customised Office Layout

Whether you're setting up a new office or renovating your existing premises, we can help you re-arrange and refine your office layout to maximise the efficiency and usefulness of your office.

We can design your office layout from the ground up and can either supply standard furniture items like workstations and tables and chairs or we can custom design furniture pieces to fit in with your new office.

Both of these services are available to anyone, from any individual to the smallest local business to the largest corporation. In partnership with our design team, you can :

  • have your office planned out according to accepted design standards
  • have furniture quantities surveyed prior to commencement of works
  • design special furniture pieces into your office
  • have custom designed and created furniture pieces specially made for you

The possibilities are truly endless. So call us today and arrange a consultation time so we can start on your next dream.